Blockages and corrosion are the biggest issues you are likely to face in this application. This usually only occurs through corrosion of pipework, irregular servicing (cooling fluid change) and not changing any filters designed to remove particulates.

The absence of salts works in different ways depending on the application. E.g. prevents furring of cooling pipework. 

pH can also be an issue – Aluminium is affected by a high pH and other metals are affected by a low pH.  

Because copper/brass are very efficient conductors of heat, they are used in the heat exchangers and pipework but unfortunately, they do not react well with deionised/demineralised water and increase the chances of corrosion. Ensure that you change any filters attached to the system to remove the corrosion particulates and also change your water. Avoid allowing the empty pipework to have too much access to air as this is what promotes oxidisation.

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