INTRODUCING The Revolutionary FREE Loan Onsite Water Purification Systems - Pay Only For The Water You Use.

On-Site Pure Water
Purification Systems

Pay-As-You-Flow On-Site Pure Water Purification Systems

Pure Water On Sites 24/7/365 – Free Pure Water System Loan, Free Lifetime Consumables, Free Servicing & Maintenance, Free Installation, Amazing Guarantee – You Literally Only Pay For The Water You Use Via Agreed Monthly Tariff, No Hidden Extras.

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System Loan No Capex…

Introducing our unique Pay-As-You-Flow payment option - making having an onsite pure water system infinitely more affordable & profitable.

Pure water systems have historically been extremely expensive to purchase and to maintain, with very expensive consumables on top. Our payment model, PAY-As-You-Flow, is simple… pay only for the water you use on an agreed monthly tariff.

We provide all of the consumables and system loan for the life of the agreement - No Hidden Extras.

There are huge cost savings and benefits to be had by having your own in-house pure water production system, especially when compared to buying in bulk water in IBC’s, Plus you can retrieve all that valuable extra floor space that IBC’s take up.

Add to the fact that you can have an industry leading Apex pure water system on loan installed within 10 days.

The Pay-As-You-Flow option will save you 100’s or even 1000’s of pounds on consumables, maintenance, servicing etc as well as increasing profits, reducing hassle and down time.

See our how it works at–a-glance explainer below and the useful comparison chart in the 'Quick Links Section', plus you are always very welcome to give us a call to find out more.

Apex Pure Water Systems



If a customer uses 5000 litres per month, the cost of this amount is well in excess of £1000 per month using bought in Di water IBC’s.

A bespoke Pay-As-You-Flow system to cater for this volume could cost as little as £350 pcm, a massive saving.

How PAYF Works

We have removed all the complexities for obtaining your onsite water purification system, we just need a few details from you to spec up your tailored/custom built system “We walk you through every step…”

Apex Systems for industrial grade pure water to laboratory and injectable grades We have the solution TO BUY OR LOAN
“Gain Complete Control Of Your Pure Water Supply”