Pure Water Systems For Laboratories

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For many years, medical & scientific laboratory professionals have had to pay huge sums for their pure and ultra pure water, whether buying it in or because of the expensive consumables in their pure water system.

Waternation have disrupted the market place by providing pure water systems that deliver high purity lab water, fast, at a fraction of the cost with a host of additional benefits.

Whether you are considering renewing/upgrading your current pure water system or looking to increase your capacity with an additional system, please consider our Apex Lab Range, Purchase or Pay-As-You-Flow Rental options.

Put us to the test…

Let us send you a bottle of the water from Apex lab 20 for you to see that our purity levels exceed many of the leading pure water lab systems on the market.

50 ml bottle
▪ 18.2MΩ Pure Lab Water
▪ Simple To Use
▪ High Purity Levels
▪ Fast Production Rate
▪ Large Capacity
▪ Consistent Purity Levels
▪ *Free Maintenance & Servicing For Life
▪ *Free Consumables For Life
▪ Low Energy Consumption
▪ Low Cost Per Millilitre
▪ Five-Step Purification – Including Ultraviolet Sterilisation
▪ Duel Water Quality – Pure And Ultrapure
▪ Auto Cleans Every Two Hours
* With the pay-as-you flow payment model

Revolutionary Payment Option, Making Laboratory Pure Water Systems Infinitely More Affordable.  

Laboratory pure water systems have historically been extremely expensive to purchase and to maintain with very expensive consumables on top.

Our payment model, PAY-As-You-Flow, is simple… you pay only for the water you use on an agreed monthly tariff.

We provide all of the consumables and system loan free of charge for the life of the agreement, making a huge saving – No fixed contract – No Hidden Extras.

Order your free 50ml sample