Medical & Laboratory Pure Water -
Bringing Clarity & Consistency
to the Ultra Pure Water Sector

Introducing the MLG range of laboratory & medical grade pure water.

A comprehensive suite of 5 high grade purewaters, ranging from simple deionised through to molecular biology grades, catering to the majority of pure water lab uses.

For when consistent water purity, fast delivery and price matter.

  • Guaranteed Purity Levels
  • Ready To Use
  • Not DEPC Treated
  • Next Day Delivery
  • No Chemical Additives
  • Excellent Prices
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Bottles Sealed For Security & Freshness
  • Bespoke Water & Size Service
  • Reduce Expensive Test Fails Due To Impurities
  • Made Fresh Daily In The UK
  • Certificate Of Conformity & Analysis
  • Assorted Bottle, Closure & Pack Sizes
    Available 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml.
  • 7 To 8-Stage Purification Levels
  • Own Branding/White Label Facility
  • Request Free Sample To Trial
  • Choice Of Glass Or Plastic Bottles With Tamperproof Lids
  • Batch Traceability

We are breaking the mould with our fully comprehensive suite of laboratory water grades, supplied with clear indications for use, a detailed breakdown of constituents, next day delivery, made fresh in the UK with guaranteed purity levels.

The MLG range is suitable for the majority of lab reagent and molecular biology applications.

“The majority of failed, laboratory tests are thought to be directly attributed to the impurities in the reagent water used, leading to erroneous results, frustration, added expense and delays.”

The inconsistency of source water, poor pure water lab system maintenance, along with the lack of credible pure water standardisation/definition and hyper inflated prices, is costing the research/Lab industry millions of pounds and thousands of lost hours repeating the tests.

Many tests are laborious, precise and expensive, poor or inconsistent purity lab water can negatively impact the accuracy of the results by having unwanted conductivity, particle, bacteria, Nuclease or silicate levels etc.

Successful test results rely heavily on the quality and consistency of the reagents used,

We look forward to  serving you…

The Waternation Team

MLG1 Molecular Biological MLG2 WFI Water For Injection MLG3 Pure Distilled Water MLG4 Laboratory Grade Water MLG5 Pure Deionised Water

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