A service designed to simplify water supply. Metered usage enabling clients to simply pay for what they use. 

  • We provide the pure water generator that best meets your volumes and quality 
  • We deliver, install and commission the system at your site just as you want it. We leave it working!
  • We provide all the consumables the system would use while it makes your water.
  • We service, maintain and warranty the system.
  • We bill you one fixed monthly fee for a tariff that suits your usage.
  • All terms of usage are flexible to suit your operation.
    • No more last minute water supply issues
    • No more costs to move water about the UK
    • No more costs of containers
    • No more storage issues with large cumbersome tanks
    • No shelf life worries – just make on the day
    • Reduced cost of water, improving margins
    • No CAPEX applications
    • Tax efficient allowances
    • Upgrade if you need increased demand
    • You are in control of your costs with our flexible terms

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