1000L Industrial Grade Deionised/Demineralised Water + Container Ownership

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Industrial Grade Description and Industry Types

This is the highest grade water that can be used in industries such as:

  • Metal finishing
  • FLT Battery top up
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Renewable energy

Bacterial testing is not guaranteed so it not usually used in consumable products.


Conductivity < 2µS
pH 6-8
Chlorides < 1 ppm
Sulphates < 1 ppm
Calcium < 1 ppm


Q: How soon can you deliver?

A: Next working day if ordered before 2 pm. Saturday before noon. Extra £10

Q: Can it be used in a product that comes into contact with humans?

A: No, sterility or bacterial content is not guaranteed.

MSDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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