1000L Laboratory Grade Deionised/Demineralised Water Container Exchange

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Container Exchange

If you only wish to pay for the water, we will send out the 1000L in an IBC. You then use the water, inform us when it is empty and we will collect the empty.


Your first order

Industrial Grade: £195

Food/Cosmetic Grade: £265

Laboratory (Ultra-Pure Grade): £410

There is an initial laundering/refurbishment fee of £65 per IBC. You only pay this for your first order. (i.e. 1x IBC first order = 1x Laundering Fee. 2x IBCs first order = 2x Laundering fee)

We are next day delivery so if you need 3x in a week, we can do a single laundering fee, collect each day and save you on that front. However, should you need all 3x in one day, we would need to charge for 3x laundering fees.

Each laundering fee is valid for 12 months per IBC.

Delivery is £55 per unit.


Your second order

Industrial Grade: £130

Food/Cosmetic Grade: : £200

Laboratory (Ultra-Pure Grade): £345


Delivery is £55 per unit

Collection fee of £35 per IBC


This water is filtered to the highest degree and suitable for the finest work where the smallest levels of impurities would compromise a result. It is sterile and has a limited shelf life.

Normally used in industries such as:

  • Laboratories
  • Medical Analysis and testing.
  • Culture development
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High-end electronics
  • Human Injections and serums

Water is fluid phase passed through UV and 0.2µ barrier technology

Conductivity < 0.056 – 0.06µS
pH 7
Chlorides < 0.1 ppm
Sulphates < 1 ppm
TOC < 50 ppb
Bacteria Sterile


Q: What is the shelf life of this water?

A: 1-2 weeks if sealed. Use immediately when open. The pH levels will lower when exposed to air.

Q: Will the conductivity be 0.056µS?

A: Close to this value but will raise as CO2 dissolves into it. 0.056µS is achieved at the time of production.

MSDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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