Reseller/Wholesaler Opportunity
“The Most Used Reagent In
Laboratories Across The World” –
Pure Water

Instantly add an extra 5 lucrative products to your range with minimal effort, high margins and huge demand …

Introducing the MLG range of laboratory & medical grade pure water.

A comprehensive suite of 5 high grade purewaters, ranging from simple deionised through to molecular biology grades, catering to the majority of pure water lab uses.

We are breaking the mould with our fully comprehensive suite of laboratory water grades, supplied with clear indications for use, a detailed breakdown of constituents, next day delivery, made fresh in the UK with guaranteed purity levels.


Reasons why Becoming an MLG pure water reseller is good for business and the laboratory sector.

  • The specialist pure water market is booming, it is estimated to be worth billions of pounds and is forecast to grow even more, partly due to Covid and the rapid growth of the life science sector.
  • The UK is the second largest life science sector globally with over 6300 companies involved almost all of which will have requirements for specialist pure water on an ongoing basis.
  • The UK government  is committed to increasing R&D investment in life sciences up to 3% GDP.
  • Other users/sectors like the NHS, dental sector, universities, the chemical industry etc are all heavy users of ultra pure water.
  • Bottled ultra pure water has many advantages over lab system water and is an essential back up for when their systems go down. We enable you to offer an fast emergency pure water supply to your customers, reducing their costly down time and winning you much kudos.
  • We are investing heavily in promoting  this range of purified waters in the UK and hope you can join us on this valuable, lucrative journey.
  • Certificate Of Conformity And Analysis
  • Available 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml
  • Made Fresh Daily In The Uk
  • Free Marketing Support & Collateral – Data …Sheets, Pricelists, Water Grade Usage Charts
  • No Stock Holding Required – Free Order …fulfilment / Drop Shipping Service
  • Guaranteed Consistent Purity Levels
  • Excellent Prices & Trade Discount
  • Set Your Own Prices.
  • Range Of Payment Options
  • Fast Delivery
  • Non-disclosure / confidentiality Agreements
  • Own Branding / White Label Facility
  • Request Free Sample To Trial
  • Repeat Orders
  • Adds 5 new revenue streams
  • Free Advice
  • Bulk Order Discounts
  • Bespoke Sizes Available
  • Made In The Uk
  • Extra Discounts Given For Stock Holding.

To arrange a no obligation chat contact us with a convenient time, we look forward to working with you.

The Team at the Waternation Medical Division.

Large Profit Margin & No Fixed RRP.

Contact Waternation Head Office For Trade Pricing.
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MLG1 Molecular Biological
MLG2 WFI Water For Injection
MLG3 Pure Distilled Water
MLG4 Laboratory Grade Water
MLG5 Pure Deionised Water

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